Towards the DHS OHA Forms Search Page for Other DHS Forms of the OHA and versions of DHS OHA forms in Spanish and other languages. The contracts of the Coordinated Care Organization (COC) require that they send various reports to it. The corresponding templates, forms and documents for these reports are listed here. This page lists forms and publications for Oregon Health Plan (OHP) applicants, customers, suppliers, plans, outreach partners and DHS/OHA employees. Use the search field to search for forms by topic or form number. This page contains CareOregon`s medical guidelines, forms and guidelines for Medicare and Medicaid. You can choose whether you want to receive unsured medical, dental or psychological care and services. The supplier`s office must tell you in advance if a service or treatment is not covered. They`ll tell you how much it costs.

You must sign a payment form to say that you pay the bill for the service or treatment not covered. Use the vendor portal to verify a member`s eligibility with CareOregon Advantage. Among the health services that are not covered by OHP, please bring the ID card of your other insurance at each appointment with your provider. Your provider must charge for any other insurance before you can charge us for your services. We do not pay the provider until the other insurance has paid, except in certain specific cases. We will only pay for the medical, dental and psychological care covered by the Oregon Health Plan. For more information, visit OHA`s Value-Based Payment page. For more information and reporting models, visit OHA`s SHARE Initiative page. Learn about services that can help keep your baby, child or teen healthy and feel comfortable. Immediately notify the supplier`s office and your manager if you have any other insurance, for example.

B Medicare or private insurance. Learn more about the health assessments available to children in care facilities. . We can help if you don`t have the opportunity to see your doctor, dentist or counsellor. Learn more about the services available to you as an IHN CCO member, including transportation, interpreters, conditions-related services and more! To view PDF documents, the free Adobe Reader program must be installed. Changes are reserved on the 15th day of the calendar month (or the next business day). If you have any questions about services not covered, please contact your assigned dental plan. All documents on this page are valid for CCO contracts 2.0 1 October 2019, for coverage from 1 January 2020, regardless of the year of contract, unless the year is expressly indicated.