Faced with such difficulties in changing mail with Europe, the United States had already taken the lead and called for improved international postal agreements. General Montgomery Blair, postmaster of the United States, called for an international postal congress in 1863. At their meeting in Paris, delegates defined some general principles of post-cooperation, but failed to agree. [10] Hussein called the result “the most remarkable day in the union`s history,” a nearly 150-year-old organization that regulates postal services in 192 member countries. The Advisory Committee was established by the Bucharest Congress in 2004. It gives a voice to other operators in the postal sector as public operators and regulators in the deliberations of the organization. It consists of non-governmental organizations, distribution service providers, workers` organizations, postal goods and service providers and other organizations interested in international postal services. The presidency is that of the Envelope Alliance. The U.N. organization, which regulates postal systems around the world, on Wednesday approved reforms to prevent the United States from withdrawing from the organization, mainly because of a dispute with China. The 1874 contract provided that the country of origin would retain all port revenues without compensating the destination country for delivery. The idea was that each letter would generate a response, so that mail flows would be in balance. [17] [18] However, other postal classes had unbalanced flows.

In 1906, the Italian post office delivered 325,000 magazines from other countries to Italy, while Italian publishers did not send magazines to other countries. [18] The system also encouraged countries to re-mail through another country, forcing the intermediary postal service to cover transportation costs to the final destination. [19] Standards are important conditions for efficient postal operation and for the networking of the global network. The UPU Standard Board is developing and maintaining a growing number of international standards to improve the exchange of post-postal information between postal operators. It also promotes the compatibility of UPU`s postal and international initiatives. The organization works closely with postal assistance organizations, customers, suppliers and other partners, including several international organizations. The Standard Board oversees the development of consistent rules in areas such as electronic data exchange (EDI), post-coding, postal forms and meters. UPU standards are established in accordance with the rules set out in Part V of the “General Information on UPU Standards”[31] and published by the International Office of the UPU in accordance with Part VII of this publication. The Trump administration has withdrawn from the threat to withdraw from a 145-year-old international postal agency after reaching an agreement that gave the United States more favorable terms.