ADP Privacy Code for Client Data Processing Services handles ADP`s handling of customer staff`s personal data in the provision of after-sales services as a customer data manager, as part of the provision of this personal data: ADP will immediately notify the customer of a data breach after learning that such a breach has occurred. , unless a law enforcement officer or supervisory authority finds that the notification would impede a criminal investigation or harm national security or a breach of trust in the industrial sector concerned. 10. SECURITY. Data transmitted to and by ADP customers is encrypted to protect the user. However, the security of information transmitted through the internet can never be guaranteed. ADP is not responsible for intercepting or interrupting communications on the Internet or for any data changes or loss. The user is responsible for the security of all passwords, user ID or other forms of authentication necessary to access protected or secure areas of ADP sites. In order to protect you and your data, ADP may suspend your use of a customer website without notice until an investigation is made if a security breach is suspected. d.

ADP treatment outside the EEA in a country that has not been considered sufficient data protection by the relevant EEA institutions; and two. racial or ethnic data. ADP can process racial and ethnic data as needed to facilitate provider and other diversity programs. The ADP privacy code for business data is based on a set of data protection principles described below. Why outsourcing? Your company may not have the know-how or technical resources to make the necessary changes before the RGPD, and outsourcing your HR data processing to a cloud-based HCM provider like ADP can help reduce the liability burden. ADP has been preparing for the RGPD for a long time and can help our customers meet the demands of this demanding new era of data protection in Europe. ADP processes personal data (including specific categories of data) that relates to customer staff, as required, for customer service, customer service activities, such as applicable EEA law and is required for the following additional purposes: 3. TAMPERING. The user agrees not to change, move, add, delete or not the information contained in the ADP website. The user also undertakes not to decompilate, develop, disassemble, reproduce or reproduce illegally software, copyrighted or protected documents, trade secrets or other proprietary information.