The workers included in the new agreement are engineers, superiors and other professionals. About 1,200 members of Bruce Bower`s union have ratified a new collective agreement. Bruce Power is an important, cost-effective and reliable source of electricity that Ontario families and businesses rely on every day. We will continue to focus on this role and involve our suppliers, union partners and employees, while ensuring that we continue to play an important role in the province`s electricity supply. One of the strengths of the four-year contract is an 8.5% increase over the course of the contract. Collective bargaining began last November and lasted 10 months. Members of the Society of United Professionals voted overwhelmingly in favour of the agreement reached two weeks ago. Bruce Power has a long history of positive working relationships and advocates for open dialogue and continued commitment to a new collective agreement. Ca Wage Sched Memorandum of Agreement (COVID-19) Bruce Power`s collective bargaining with the Society of United Professionals is expected to continue next week with the support of a Ministry of Labour mediator. CA Wage Sched complete. Memorandum of Agreement (COVID-19) Electronic Travel LOU Joint Communiction Training A government-appointed mediator had been negotiating since mid-June.

In addition, other engineers are recruited and placed in union positions, and members can gain work experience through temporary jobs.